Lucy Lareau

Hi! My name is Lucy. Meet my friends, the GF5! I wrote the Geeky Fab Five with my mom.  My real sister is Marina, behind me in the picture, and she really is from Russia!! A.J., Sofia, and Zara are like every girl I know. And, yes, Hubble is 4 real!!!!

We got the idea to do these books when my own school needed a new playground so had a fun run to raise money! All the books are about girls solving problems that matter to us. When you read them, I hope you know that you have power inside you to make stuff happen. When Girls Stick Together We Can Do Anything!!!

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Liz Lareau

Hi! I’m Lucy’s mom.

Lucy is my youngest daughter. Marina is her oldest sister and Lucy has two brothers she loves, even though they drive her crazy! She is always trying to save things like the white rhinos, the Monarch butterflies, or stray animals, just like the Lucy in the books.

We wrote the GF5 because we believe every girl should have the courage to chase her dreams and know other girls and moms have her back. It’s true that when girls stick together, great things happen!!

Always know you are amazing and beautiful inside and out! You are welcome to write us or reach out on Facebook and tell Lucy and me more about yourself and what cool things you like to do!


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St. Mary’s, DeKalb, IL

“We enjoyed having Liz and Lucy come to our school and share their story about creating the Geeky F@b Five. We look forward to more adventures.”

Schneider Elementary, North Aurora, IL

“Thanks you, Lucy and Liz, for coming to our school and speaking to us about your adventures in STEM and graphic novels.”

Riverdale Heights Elementary, Bettendorf, Iowa

“We loved having the authors of the Geeky F@b Five visit our classroom today! Thanks for showing us the power of STEM. :D”

A 10-out-of-10 read!

From Sky (commenting on “I highly recommend this book if you have middle school age girls interested in STEM. It’s beautifully illustrated as well as diverse… 10/10 read”

“Exactly what is needed for growing girls.”

From Rachel McKitterick on “I really found the positive female image that was expressed to be exactly what is needed for growing girls.”

Fun Book!

From Dee Runnels on Amazon: “Good story, characters you wished you could be friends with, and great detailed illustration. I’m sending it off to a seven year old kid . She’ll love it.”

“Highly Recommended”

From Chris, a reviewer on “After finishing this book, I turned to my brother who teaches science and told him to get a copy. Do I need to say anything else?”

“Another fun, original graphic novel …”

“The book is easy and fun to read, with a reasonable plot and goal that can empower readers to be forces for positive change in their own communities … I enjoyed spending some time with them and am pretty sure they’ll be popular reading at my library.”

“Themes of female empowerment resonate throughout …”

“Comics artist Jampole illustrates the story with upbeat graphics that emphasize each character’s distinctive traits, while the Lareaus cheerfully detail how the capable friends bond over their “geek” pride while raising funds to design and build a new school playground … fans will look forward to seeing what the protagonists get up to next.”

Rich Reviews: “Girls do rule!”

“This is a cute all-ages book … The two sisters – Marina and Lucy – are wonderful together. Lucy really admires her big sister … It is fun to follow along with them.”

“A comfortable read with a good message …”

“Geeky Fab 5 has an explicit purpose — to show girls taking part in STEM activities. I support that, and this book achieves its goal … The characters’ energy is clearly conveyed, keeping young readers interested in their activities.”