From the First Comics News Website:

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Comments: “Chapter One: Follow the Bouncing Ball…” The Geeky Fab 5 are Lucy Munroe, Marina, A.J., Sofia and Zara. Plus Hubble the cat. The girls end up going exploring in the woods as they look for a lost ball. The girls are shown having fun just hanging out together.

“Chapter Two: Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Bees! Oh, My!” The girls here learn about butterflies and bees and their situation in the world which is not good.

“Chapter Three: A Totally Tubular Caterpillar” The girls are enjoying the little park area they found. It does make a great hangout area. The scenery looks good outside.

“Chapter Four: Going Buggy” We continue to follow the girls as the caterpillars are growing into butterflies. The girls are shown having fun. Then the unthinkable happens. How will the Geeky Fab 5 act?

“Chapter Five: Double Trouble For The Garden and Hubble” Well we find out who wants to destroy the butteries and bees secret garden. The kids do not take it laying down they act. They speak up.

“Chapter Six: Bad Guys” The bulldozer is in place and ready to go. The girls have no idea what to do but they do want to do something to save the butterflies and bees.

“Chapter Seven: People Power” The Fab 5 do not accept defeat instead they turn it around. These girls do not know how to quit. It is admirable to see them in action.

“Chapter Eight: Bee Bold. Bee Brave. Bee Fierce.” This chapter brings everything together.

This book is written and drawn for a younger audience but could be enjoyed by any age. If you like a fun little adventure with cute kids and one really cute cat you would love this.