The Geeky F@b Five Series of Graphic Novels … Collect ’em all!

GF5 #1 - It's Not Rocket Science

Join Lucy, the gang, Hubble the snarky kitty, and their TV reporter buddy, Suzy Pundergast, to find out if they can prove the meanies wrong because when girls stick together, anything is possible!

GF5 #2 - Mystery of the Missing Monarchs

While the girls are learning in science class that Monarchs and bees are becoming endangered, something threatens their secret butterfly garden behind Earhart. To solve the mystery, Hubble the GFF mascot (and ever-so-curious cat) discovers a secret that gets him catnapped! In a race against time, the girls must rescue Hubble, save the garden, and solve the mystery of the missing Monarchs.

GF5 #3 - DOGgone CATastrophe

When a tornado rips through the town of Normal, the local animal shelter is devastated leaving many animals needing emergency homes and care. The Geeky F@b 5 are up to the challenge and rally all of Earhart Elementary School to help. Sofia gets busy coding a matchmaking program to match the pets to households and AJ constructs wheels for a handicapped basset hound. But can Marina get over her fear of snakes to help some in need?

GF5 #4 - Food Fight for Fiona

Available in stores and online September 15th!

In class and on a special field trip, the girls are learning about food: how to eat the rainbow, milk a cow, and discover not every student has enough food over the weekend. To help, the GF5 rallies their school to lead the way in the annual student hunger drive to help stock the local food bank. 

Join Lucy and the gang, including Hubble the snarky kitty, as the GF5 rallies behind their friends in a “Food Fight for Fiona.”