Meet Zeke: “Drama + Math = Adventure”

Age 9, 4th grade

Zara Kumar can solve any kind of math problem and knew the answer to 12 x 12 before anyone else in her class. She’s a girly-girl who loves the theater and is really good at the piano. As Lucy describes Zeke, “She’s beautiful and people just love her voice, but she’s such a drama queen. She wears her headphones all the time so she’s always screaming and doesn’t know it!”

Nickname:  “Zeke”

Dream Goal: Singer!!!

Favorite Subjects:  Math and Music (not always in that order)

Admires: Ada Lovelace – a mathematician who was also an English countess

Strength: Loyal

Weakness: Drama queen (as if)

Secret: Sleeps with a teddy bear named “Tootsie”

Hobby: Writing songs

Favorite Techy Tool(s): Portable microphone and calculator