A.J. Can Build Just About Anything

Age 8, 4th grade

Alex “A.J.” Jones is the youngest of the GFFs but resourceful when it comes to building anything. She loves to build robots. She likes objects with motors, especially if she can get her hands dirty! Her hobbies include carpentry and she loves to race bicycles. She also likes to spend the weekends with her dad, Mr. Jones, (who’s a civil engineer and single dad).

Nickname:  “A.J.”

Dream Goal: Robotics engineer

Favorite Subjects:  Art and Math

Admires: Mary Anderson, inventor of the wind-shield wiper

Strength: Can build anything (just about)

Weakness: Always losing robot batteries

Secret: Keeps a taffy stash for emergencies

Hobby: Hanging out, fixing her dad’s car

Favorite Techy Tool(s): Hammer