From Rachel McKitterick on

4 stars.

I bumped this up to 4 stars from 3 because I really found the positive female image that was expressed to be exactly what is needed for growing girls. It was a very enjoyable graphic novel. It was run to read and wonderful to look at. The illustrations were just right and it all seemed to fall into place.

I’d have to say that the character I liked the most was Zara. Her whole ‘No negative self talk’ is what won me over. I can definitely see this as a series that will be rather popular mainly for girls but also for boys too.

The characters are mixed ages but mostly rather young. They are strong smart and intelligent and they are also themselves. Each character has something that makes them special which is another reason why i liked this. You dont have to be a certain somebody for others to like you. Plus there is a talking Cat!! (Although the others can’t exactly hear him) Need I say more?!

The story is mainly about kids who have just started up going back to school again and discover pretty soon that the playground has been closed down and is off limits. This brings me back to my own childhood as while I was in primary school, this had happened at my school aswell. It made lunch time and recess go rather slowly and we all found it hard to pass the time.

Luckily for me, my school had already started the process of building a new playground and omg was it epic! So worth the wait. Unfortunately for these kids, they had to start from square one. Coming up with an idea and raising the money.

I won’t go into the rest but I can say im looking forward to reading the next book.

Definatley recommended.