Dearest Reader,

Next to yours truly and which direction I should get my fur to lay this afternoon, there’s only one thing I like to spend my waking hours pondering: what’s for dinner?

Thank goodness Lucy’s father has a job and can afford the latest in can opening technology, or I’d have to pull rank and find another household to cater to my every desire. But, the tall one who frequently retreats to the “garage” to bang around and sound busy seems to earn a decent living and keeps up with his credit card payments so I can remain up to my neck in Fancy Feast or whatever gourmet dining experience Lucy’s mom decides is on sale at the local grocer.

But while I get waited on hand-and-paw, I’ve just recently learned that not all people (or pets for that matter) are able to eat healthy meals on a regular basis. In the gang’s latest adventure, we make friends with a couple of nice kids who are in that situation.

It’s sad. And, for some odd reason, sadness always motivates Lucy and the girls to take matters into their own hands.

Lend a hand (or a paw) to help your local Student Hunger Drive!

Thankfully, I’m around to supervise as the Geeky Fab Five takes on a challenge known as The Student Hunger Drive. (Note: In real life, my secretary, Lucy, did a little first-hand research and then took down my story as I dictated it to her – I’m not a good typist, I’m a cat – but this is the GF5’s best story yet!)

Where we live, the annual Student Hunger Drive raises hundreds of thousands of meals every year for those who can’t afford to feed themselves. If there’s a similar hunger drive campaign where you live, I’m sure they could use your help.

Thankfully for me, the only hunger drive Lucy’s mom has to do is to the local grocery store.


Yours in tater tots and spare can of your favorite tuna-flavored delight,